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by Oscar Cainer. Taurus, Saturday, 5 October
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We think we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right — for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form? It was, of course, horribly, poignantly and tragically apt. We're not here for long. We forget this so often, and get caught up in missions, and desires.

In one way, we may be right - for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form? An elevated perspective is key to a minimal existence.

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As Jupiter soon reaches the end of its retrograde phase, you'll soon find the higher you rise, the further you'll see. Around midnight on Sunday into Monday, the world-famous astrologer, a Sagittarian himself, collapsed in his Yorkshire home and later died in hospital from a suspected massive heart attack, thought to be his third in recent years. He was just 58, and by far and away the most popular and successful astrologer of his generation, read by 12 million followers around the world his horoscopes were translated into Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese , and was the Daily Mail astrologer for 20 years.

He also had a very liberal outlook, an unconventional personal life with eight children from three different mothers, an extraordinary work ethic, a great enthusiasm for vegan food — and a penchant for purple. Everything was purple — the rug, the sofas, the flowers, the velvet walls, the incense stick-burning. He even favoured purple shirts. The reason was simple. Sagittarius was also, presumably, responsible for his enthusiasm, optimism and open-mindedness — all characteristics of those born under the ninth sign.

Jonathan Cainer

It was an amazing sight. He was like an extremely inspiring motivational speaker or leader. He also had an explanation for everything, but unlike many quack astrologers, worked fantastically hard and avoided silly cliches and specifics. Jonathan Cainer was born in Surbiton, Surrey, in , the eldest of three boys. His father worked in the computer room at Barclays Bank and his mother was a medical secretary for 15 years before becoming a spiritual healer.

When his parents split in his early teens, he moved with his mother to Leeds, where it took him a long time to find his metier. School was a disaster.

Yesterday's Taurus Horoscope from Oscar and Jonathan Cainer

Even back then, said Daniel, he had a following. He was very charismatic and eccentric. Devoted following: Fans personal messages of grief after learning of Mr Cainer's pictured left and right death. He tried a bit of everything — dope, sex, music. It was there that an extraordinary series of events conspired to set his astrology career in motion. He bought the book, read it, bought some more, read them and then started giving astrological readings. He was a natural. The word spread. Suddenly everyone wanted a reading. But instead of making hay with his new skills, he felt guilty about his lack of formal training and for not being able to calculate the correct planetary positions.

By , after poring over what looked like a bus timetable filled with mathematical symbols, he was producing daily forecasts for the now defunct Today newspaper, and soon joined BBC Radio 2, GMTV and, in , the Daily Mail, replacing the legendary Patric Walker.


While his professional life had gone stratospheric, in August his personal life shattered into a million pieces. By then he was married to second wife Melanie and living with her and seven children, including seven-month-old twins, in a beautiful rambling home in Yorkshire. He was mending the boiler while she popped out on an errand. Her car veered off the road and she later died on the operating table before he made it to the hospital. But not, he always very publicly insisted, before saying goodbye. Because while he was making tea for the children, he noticed a flickering blue light, the size of a TV screen, on the kitchen wall.

As he watched, an image of Mel emerged. Shortly afterwards, a doctor arrived to tell Jonathan that Mel had died at precisely that moment. For weeks afterwards, so he said, her ghost remained at his side and they communicated constantly. He kept a special room with all her things locked in it for her to live in, and talked to her constantly. Mr Cainer, 58, was the Daily Mail astrologer from to and returned to his column with the newspaper in And so along came Sue, the nanny.

Then promptly did. They have been together ever since, had another daughter and married in despite his regular and fervent predictions he would never, ever remarry. Over the years he dealt with his critics with great charm and calm, but duff predictions apparently made him terribly depressed. In that year alone, though, he correctly predicted the date and outcome of the general election, the exact outcome of the Michael Jackson trial and that the Olympics were coming to London rather than Paris.

He wrestled with it for a long time, but refused to feel guilty. My job is to help them to learn through the tough times. My job is to give hope. Interestingly, he hated having his own fortune told.

Jonathan cainer libra horoscope

Did they work it out? Well, they at least stopped long enough to notice how short life is and they shared some sense of the precious perspective with which we should all view our existence. You may not have all the answers, but you have enough to make today a good day. Daniel insists Jonathan would have seen the funny side in the extraordinary prescience of this prediction.

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  6. Although they might understand some things on a deep level, their disrespect for others is enough to reveal their foolishness. Somewhere in your life, an egotistical, arrogant act has occurred, which has upset a key person. Over the course of the coming week, reparations will be made which sweetly repair the damage. For Taureans, 'who you know' is about friendship.

    Relationships are very important to you, and you reward those closest to you with utter loyalty. And, when things aren't going to plan, the friendship dividend comes to your rescue. A recent setback has put you off your stride; but those closest to you have softened the blows.

    Jonathan Cainer: The Cosmic Voice of Reason

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